Here at CLEANTAN, we like to KISS – Keep It Simple Sexy! Sunless tanning doesn't have to be a colossal production, which is one of the main reasons we created CLEANTAN Luxury Body Glaze. Just keep these 6 easy tanning tips in mind and go for it!


1. Exfoliate, Shave, Wax - all that kind of stuff - about 8 to 24 hours before application.

These routine beauty activities effectively remove dead skin cells so there really is no extra preparation needed. . To get the job done right, we recommend CLEANTAN's Infinity Body Polisher with FitMud's Original Coffee Scrub.

Forgot to shave? Didn't exfoliate? Don't stress. Just do it when you can and reapply.

2. Don’t Skimp on Product

Don't be scared. By using a very generous amount of product, you will never have to worry about streaks. It doesn’t have to be even, just make sure it’s covered. We promise it won't result in a darker color, just a seamless tan. Trust us. 

3. Fix Any Snafu’s 

Everybody makes mistakes. We totally forgive you. Let's fix it and move on. To remove tanner from any areas you didn't mean to tan (cuticles, hands, feet, etc), use a cocktail of lemon juice and baking soda to remove or buff away color. Works like a charm!

4. A Hydrated Tan is a Happy Tan

Tina, our in-house tanning expert, preaches this lesson with every spray tan client she has - every appointment, every time. "It's not rocket science", she states, "dry skin is flaky, chalky, discolored, and dull, making any tan look horrible and patchy". Use a quality moisturizer at least once daily! Your tan will last much longer, and look vibrant and youthful. If you are super dry, find a moisturizer rich in oils and butters.

5. Become Your Own Expert

 You’re smart and we know it. You don’t need a 20 minute video demonstration to understand how to apply lotion on your body. Closed hands or open hands, gloves or no gloves, tan face or natural face, let’s not over think this people. Just be sure to use common sense (ahem, like do not apply tanning glaze right before a work out or swim), follow steps 1, 2, and 3 above and you’re golden – literally.  

6. Get Empowered

Self-tanning will soon become a natural part of your health and wellness lifestyle. Just like everything else you have attracted into your life, you will auto-magically become a body bronzing babe without even having to think about it. Don’t you wish all beauty was this easy?

Remember that daytime radiation – sunny or not – accounts for 90% of aging! By becoming a regular self tanner, you will save time, money, and improve self esteem. 

CLEANTAN®  A Tan With Benefits®


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