We believe everyone should have healthy, non-toxic products that really work. In fact, that’s our official company Belief No.3. But what does that really mean? How do we really know a product is healthy? It all seems very overwhelming, and it is. But, it’s 2017 and while we pay attention to what goes in our bodies we may not understand the effects of what we put on our bodies – especially when it comes to sunless tanning.

While many self tanning brands like Vita Liberata, Fake Bake, St.Tropez, and Xen Tan all took a fair stab at healthier, organic, and vegan formulations, it was clear we still had a long way to go as an industry. That is, until CLEANTAN USA officially hit the market this year!

 Just check out this comparison chart!  We think it speaks for itself.


 What You Need to Know About Synthetic Dyes


The Health Factor: Okay, so we know both D&C dyes (dyes used for drugs and cosmetics) and FD&C dyes (dyes used for food, drugs, and cosmetics) are considered safe for use by the US Food and Drug Administration. We respect that. What you should know are the potential dangers dyes pose including cancer, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and allergic immunotoxicity (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/).  

The Environmental Factor:  Most FD&C dyes are coal-tar derivitives, which does not fall into our practice of sustainable manufacturing. Why is this? Because coal and petroleum are finite; they will run out eventually.

The Vegan Factor: Probably the most misleading thing about FDA approved dyes is that the end products cannot - in any way - be considered vegan. D&C and FD&C dye producers need to continuously test on animals because of their carcinogenic properties (www.peta.org). If that wasn’t enough, D&C colors are legally allowed twice as much toxic lead and arsenic as FD&C colors(www.accessdata.fda.gov).

It may also surprise you to learn that some dyes used are actually made from crushed insects (www.livescience.com). Yuck, right?

At the end of the day, the CLEANTAN team takes healthy, sustainable beauty serious. Does it cost additional time, money, and effort? You bet it does! But it's a worthwhile investment.

In the meantime…Think Dirty. Tan Clean.®



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