Do we really want deeper penetration? That is the BIG question on the forefront of clean beauty. There is much ado regarding penetration enhancers in topical skincare that it can make even the ultra-savvy professionals (and, yes, we consider ourselves to be just that) go totally bananas! Let’s break it down to a few simple facts. 

Last week we focused on the potential dangers of dyes, namely that they are legally allowed to contain low levels of leadarsenic, and mercury, which we know are highly toxic and can cause a host of serious health issues (

We also charted the overwhelming use of known skin irritants in the beauty industry – many of which are penetration enhancers in and of themselves. The most common penetration enhancers include propylene glycol, alcohols, and dimethyl isosorbide (DMI). These harsh ingredients inadvertently drive other irritants such as fragrances, surfactants, and preservatives deeper into the skin. Are you seeing the vicious cycle yet?

Before we get too crazy, please know that we often want deeper skin penetration. As formulators, we intentionally include specific ingredients - often called active or performance ingredients - to penetrate so they can actually create the desired change it promises. After all, if certain ingredients couldn’t be absorbed by our body, skincare products would be worthless and a total waste of your hard earned money. 

So what’s the deal then? 

Let's be clear here: while we love the use of penetration enhancers in some skincare formulations, we don't believe they should be in sunless tanning products. Yes, we source the highest quality ingredients. Yes, our formulas are free of dyes, skin irritants, and fragrances. Yes, our tanner is chalk full of robust anti-agers, anti-pollutants, and other health defenders. Then why NOT use them?

Because CLEANTAN has re-engineered sunless tanning formulation and doesn’t need to take short cuts. After all, nobody loves a cheater.

Until next week…Think Dirty. Tan Clean.



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