Beach bums, rejoice! Summer is just around the corner, which means that sunny days are here to stay and it’s time to get your tan on for that coveted summer glow. Ready to flaunt your best bronze? Grab your towel and favorite SPF. Here are our top tips for achieving your best tan ever.

Take advantage of peak sunshine hours

There’s a reason you’ can’t snag a good spot on the beach or by the pool when you arrive in the afternoon – everyone knows that it’s simply the best time to tan outside. Making the most of peak sunshine hours is step number two in getting a great tan (hint: step one is applying SPF!). The best time to achieve that coveted golden glow is easiest in the late morning and early to mid-afternoon (think 11 am to 4 pm), when the sun is at its peak and the UV rays are at their strongest. And while you can still catch a tan during off-peak hours, you’ll be riding a much slower train. But proceed with caution! Apply sunscreen every few hours and whenever you get out of the water, and don’t forget to take a break inside or under the shade of an umbrella every now and then. Not even the most golden, Instagram-worthy tan is worth the potentially life-threatening effects of prolonged, unprotected sun exposure. Whenever and wherever you tan, your skin’s protection should always come first.


Cloudy with a chance of sunburns

Think that the best time to tan is when the cloud coverage will protect your skin as you’re laying out under the overcast sky? Think again. Yes – you can get a tan when it’s cloudy, as the UV rays that enable your skin to produce melanin still penetrate grey and white clouds at a substantial rate. But – and it’s a big one – don’t be fooled into thinking that darkened skies will help prevent burns as you bronze, especially in higher altitude locations where there is significantly less distance between your skin and those harsh UV rays. 6 The same rules apply. Keep your skin safe by lathering up with a strong enough SPF to keep from burning up.


Ditch the danger and use a sunless tanner

Want all the benefits of a natural sun tan without worrying about sunburns that age and damage your skin? Using a sunless tanning lotion or concentrate is the best way to tan safely and easily in the comfort of your own bathroom without needing to spend hours exposing your skin to harsh UV rays. When we’re pressed for time before a big event, want to darken dull, winter skin with a fresh, summer hue, or just want a touch of bronze before the 7 first beach day of the year, we use our sunless tanning concentrate for an all-natural faux glow that looks just like the real thing. CLEANTAN is a first-of-its-kind concentrated tanning liquid that has zero odors, zero toxic downsides, and zero burnt smell, and is easy to add to any beauty routine. Simply add a few drops to your favorite body lotion, moisturizer, oil, or serum, and you’ll be well on your way to an all-natural, error-free results. Ready for an all-over glow?


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