Treat Yourself to Clear Skin with Pimple Popping Tools

To pop a zit or to not pop a zit; that is the question. It may seem like every dermatologist out there says that the last thing you should be doing is popping zits on your own but the truth is that this is the easy answer as many people do it incorrectly. You can definitely pop your pimples but the trick is to do so properly with zit popping toolsand crucial sanitary steps because if you just pinch and squeeze with your fingers, despite how clean they may seem, you can turn that one lonely blemish into a full out pimple crisis. However, if you do pimple extraction and even blackhead extraction properly, your skin can be blemish free in less than 3 days.


Tips You Can't Pop Over

Before we get started about the proper zit popping tools for pimple extraction, there are some tips that you should never start popping without. The first is to always make sure that your pimples are ready to be popped; or in other words, the white head is visibly on the surface of your skin. If the pimple is still only red, squeezing, poking and prodding at it will only make it worse. Once your pimples are ready for popping, wash your face and hands thoroughly with warm water and soap to clean and soften the skin. Lightly wipe the pimple and blemished areas with a wipe that has some alcohol on it to ensure disinfect the area. The stainless steel tools also help to keep everything clean. You should also always do this with your zit popping tools prior and post using them. Then, start popping zits with the pimple extraction tools mentioned below, and again, wipe the area with an alcohol pad.


Skin Therapist Tip: Use Aha! Moment Body Peelto soften skin before extractions. It makes stubborn blackheads easy to remove with the pimple extracting tools.



How to Use a Comedone Extractor

While it looks like something from your dentist’s office, it certainly isn't as extreme or complicated. The comedone extractor is a thin, stainless steel tool that has a blade-like end on one side, and a looped one on the other. It is used to do pimple extraction and blackhead extraction. You can use this zit popping tool to pop the zit and then remove the whitehead by rocking the looped end back and forth on the area with slight pressure, or you can extract and remove a blackhead by doing the same but without popping it first with the sharp end of the comedone extractor.


Benefits of Using Zit Popping Tools

The benefits are certainly obvious; you can finally pop pimples and remove blackheads properly without making your face blow up with red blotches as a result. These pimple extraction and blackhead extraction tools are also healthy and safe to use on your skin and won't damage it with the common squeezing and prodding that so many people do instead. The zit popping tools are also excellent for all parts of your body unlike pores strips, since we don't always just get blemishes and acne on our face, which is another huge benefit. Add on the Butt Acne Clearing Lotion, and your entire body will be free of pesky, unattractive red bumps and black heads. More importantly though, they're affordable and super easy to use and you don't have to take a trip to an expensive doctor and pay the high price that comes with such appointments.


The truth is that it really isn't bad to pop pimples. It's just that so many people do it incorrectly which makes the skins condition significantly worse, so many dermatologist use the safe and effective answer of simply saying, "don't pop your pimples". However, with a comedone extractor and these popping zit tips, you're on the right path to clear skin with Green Heart Labs.