Just like every industry out there, the beauty trends have certainly changed and we now live in an era where the perfect booty is an absolute must have. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to start busting out 100 squats a day to get that Kim Kardashian bum, and maybe you just want a healthy glow, clear booty skin complexion and a good smell down below the belt. Whatever your booty goals are, Green Heart Labs has the best beauty products that will keep you over the moon with your backside. Consider this your ultimate guide for skincare of the booty.


Eliminate Bum Acne

It happens; your bum sweats and butt acne occurs. Whether you've been working all day, sitting in class, busted some moves in a hot yoga class or ran a marathon, your body has been sweating and your booty has been collecting dirt, oil and dry skin in its pores. Unlike our face, we often forget that our butt also needs some good TLC after some every day activities, and all the beauty products you need can be found on Green Heart Labs. The Butt Acne Clearing lotion is an absolute must for anyone looking to get rid of those booty blemishes and spots that are a common for many people. Combine it with an exfoliating cloth to clear out those pores and try to wear breathable fabrics in the future, and your backside is going to be remain bootyful.


Achieve Great Skin

Butt acne may not be a problem for you, and there are some other beauty products that are perfect for your backside and booty gosls. Just as you do with your facial skincareregime, you want to keep your skin healthy, revitalized, firm and youthful! Black Botanicals cleanser offers all of that in one bottle.   It effectively clears debris and purifies your skin, which leaves it bright and soft, and you feeling confident about your booty and overall beauty. An added bonus of this skincare product for your butt is that the smell invigorates you, energizing your body, face and mind. So, add it into your morning routine and clear, detoxify, rejuvenate and retexturize your entire body while also giving yourself a healthy blast of anti-aging skincare. The AHA! Moment Body Peel is also an incredible skincare product to have within your beauty regime, as it is truly like an at-home spa treatment. It buffers up your skin, clears and brightens your complexion and can be used on your arms, back, legs, butt and so much more. 

Baby Wipes are a Girl's Best Friend

Whoever said diamonds were a girl's best friend never got their hands on some baby wipes. This has become such a popular addition into many adults’ skincare routines that the industry has now renamed and revamped many traditional baby wipes, turning them into adult vaginal wipes or even wipes to be used after the bathroom. It's an excellent creation that allows you to stay and feel fresh well throughout the day, while also keeping you nice and clean and smelling great, of course! So whether you just finished up in the bathroom or want to give yourself a little pick-me-up before heading out on a date, baby wipes for adults are an absolute must have item.


And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. If you've been looking to give yourself a bootyful backside, you've come to the rid place. These  found on Green Heart Labs will treat your imperfections, prevent them from coming back, and will also revamp your entire appearance from head to toe. There's no need to spend an arm and a leg for a spa treatment that you can only afford once a month, because for a fraction of the price, you can revitalize your skincare and mood whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. It’s time to look bootyful.