Get Booty-ful: 3 Butt Beauty Products for a Booty You Can Brag About

Get Booty-ful: 3 Butt Beauty Products for a Booty You Can Brag About

How many products are in your beauty arsenal?

We’re talking cleansers, moisturizers, lotions, body washes, body scrubs, exfoliants, brushes, mitts, serums, oils, toners, foundations, tints, eyeshadows, highlighters, bronzers, sprays, polishes…

If you’re anything like us, that number probably adds up to something pretty darn close to countless.

But as much as we all love to spend the bulk of our time and money focusing on our necks up, that doesn’t mean we should be neglecting our bottom halves — particularly when it comes to our bottoms.

If you’re hip to all of the most recent revolutions in the world of beauty and cosmetics, then you know that butt beauty is the latest craze to take the Internet by storm with a bombardment of bum-focused products for a flawless behind.

And we can’t say we’re mad about it — we’ve been preaching the importance of a good booty beauty regimen foryears.

Ready to hop on the bandwagon? Keep reading for our list of butt beauty must-haves for a beautiful booty.

butt acne clearing lotion green heart labs

ExfoliMate 2.0 Pocket

Want the secret to smooth, supple skin from head to toe, including that beautiful behind of yours?

Say it with us, friends: E-X-F-O-L-I-A-T-I-O-N.

Sloughing away dead skin cells and clearing clogged follicles is step one when it comes to smooth, glowing skin.

Not only are you scrubbing away all the badness that makes your skin look tired and dull, you’re also preparing the dermis for a number of different treatments, like butt acne clearing lotion, sunless tanning, and waxing. Trust us, ingrown hairs aren’t cute.

When it comes to getting an all-over exfoliation for a baby-soft bod, ExfoliMate 2.0 Pocket is all the mate you need at shower time.

You’ll want to break up with your loofah once you see how this Japanese-inspired shower cloth helps rejuvenate your complexion and keep your booty blemish-free.

BambuBrasion Booty Detox Scrub

Let’s be honest — no one here is going to say no to a firmer, softer, rear.

Just like how you would treat your face to a luxurious scrub or facial, your tush should be no stranger to a little VIP treatment.

And for us, nothing says butt beauty like a booty detox scrub designed to make and keep your behind so temptingly soft and smooth you’ll only to keep your hands to yourself.

The fact that the BambuBrasion Booty Detox scrub comes with some serious long-term benefits like banishing cellulite and chicken skin while keeping skin looking youthful and rejuvenated when used over time is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

Say hello to your new retirement plan.

buttne clearing lotion the lab and co

Butt Acne Clearing Lotion

For long-time fans of Green Heart Labs, this one should come as no surprise.

Nothing in the world will keep your bum locked away for no one to see like a case of butt acne that just won’t quit.

And honey, that is a dang shame.

Butt Acne Clearing Lotion is our OG booty beauty hero that has been clearing rears for years, and for us, no butt beauty routine is complete without it.

This booty savior was formulated specifically for the sensitive skin of the buttocks with arnica and calendula oils, because, spoiler alert: regular ol’ face acne wash just will not do the trick. Not to mention, alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate and moisturize your skin for behind that is smooth to the touch.

And at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to have a booty they can brag about?

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