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Since we are all spending a little more time at home how are we supposed to get those perfect tans we CRAVE all winter long? Enter Cleantan!

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We are going to walk you through how to get that perfect glow right from home. You won't even need the sun for this one! I know, we are just excited as you are. 

Now make sure to keep up, you do not want to miss out on this! And when you are ready, head on over to Cleantan to get your hands on that perfect glow. 

We are a science-backed plant-based tanning revolution that will change the way you sunless tan forever. Our years of research mean that every inch of your tan is going to be high quality, non-toxic, and deliciously bronzing. Most sunless tanners use synthetic dyes.

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Don’t we all deserve better? That is why we created a clean antioxidant-rich formula that we call A TAN WITH BENEFITS®.

Did we mention that our, uh hum, “patentedINFINITY BODY POLISHER might change your life? We invite you to THINK DIRTY & TAN CLEAN®.

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How to Cleantan

Step 1: And this is KEY

Exfoliate your body with the Cleantan Infinity Body Polisher, a key step to an even tan. 

The Infinity Body Polisher is a non-toxic, plant-based, antioxidant-rich luxury tanning concentrate. Want a deeper tan? I do that. Want to be in control of your tanning color? I do that too!

I pair perfectly with your favorite lotion, cream, or serum. I am the first truly customizable & intuitive sunless tanning concentrate for your best tan ever! I get my beautiful color from dark organic cocoa fruit extract, fresh beet extract, organic blue-green algae, and luscious caramel.

No hassle just a golden tan in the palm of your hand -- so let's have a quickie!

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Step 2: Mix 

Now, this is when you would want to add a few drops of Cleantan to your favorite moisturizer! I know it sounds wild, but trust us! You want to do this. 

Step 3: Apply

Next, you would take the mixture and apply it to your skin. Make sure you only do one area at a time.

Rub the mixture until it has completely absorbed. Once it has absorbed, wash hands with soap. All done with the application - easy right!?

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Step 4: Develop. Make sure not to miss this one. 

Now, this is where we need to hold on. At this stage, we need to allow the color to develop and also deepen for about 6 to 8 hours, sometimes it's even best to leave it overnight. At the end of the day, that part is up to you!

That is it, that is all! At this point, you should be GLOWING. The best is that we are a plant-based concentrate made without dyes, perfumes, parabens, and penetration enhancers found in most self-tanners. So, you could wear you tan knowing you have not caused any harm to yourself or your skin. Bonus, if I do say so myself. 

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Enjoy that tan


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