How to Banish Butt Acne and Get a Baby Soft Behind

How to Banish Butt Acne and Get a Baby Soft Behind

For those who are yet unfamiliar, the terms butt acne refers to an acne-like condition that affects the buttocks. However, unlike actual acne, most professionals agree that butt acne is not actual acne. Rather, it is a mixture of a sweat rash, folliculitis, carbuncles and boils, which affects the skin of the buttocks area. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the bumpiness is akin to that of an acne outbreak, it is commonly called butt acne. The following is a closer look at the causes, as well as potential remedies for this condition.

Causes and Symptoms

Although there is technically no one definitive cause of butt acne, some potential causes for this condition include:

  • Dry Skin: You may not have known this, but the skin on your buttocks area is especially prone to drying out. Given that this can potentially cause pimples and rashes, keeping your butt moisturized is a fantastic way to ward off butt acne.
  • Sweating: On the flip side, the area is excessively warm and susceptible to sweating, which can also be a cause of butt acne. Wearing cool, breathable clothing is a great method of warding off excessive sweating of the buttocks.
  • Folliculitis: Folliculitis occurs as a result of inflammation of the hair follicles and can be caused by an infection from yeast, bacteria, fungus, irritation of the hair follicles or a blockage of the hair follicles.
  • Carbuncles: A cluster of boils that tend to feel more like pus or knots underneath the skin, carbuncles most commonly occur as a result of untreated folliculitis, which can cause a deeper and more severe infection.
  • Medications: Depending on the dosage and type of medication, some medicines can cause acne on the face, neck, back and/or buttocks.
  • Food Allergies: Food allergies can also cause an outbreak of bumpiness akin to butt acne.
  • Working Out/Friction: It may sound strange, but working out without properly protecting the skin over the buttocks can actually cause butt acne.
  • Improper Hair Removal: Although going hairless is all the rage, the method used can leave a bit to be desired when it comes to the skin in this area. If you noticed prolonged irritation followed by a rash or bumpiness, it is possible that the method of hair removal is causing your butt acne.

Potential Treatments

Although there is an array of potential causes, there are only a couple of practical remedies for butt acne.

Butt Acne Clearing Lotion and the Brilliant Booty Kit

One of the top methods of treating butt acne is by using any variety of acne-fighting lotions, washes, serums, etc. For instance, Green Heart Labs has a couple products which are geared towards fighting and preventing butt acne. Their Butt Acne Clearing Lotion is a highly effective lotion which helps to eliminate butt acne on a variety of sufferers. A scientifically formulate lotion, Butt Acne Clearing Lotion contains gentle exfoliating acids which carefully uncover a new layer of skin while providing intense moisture to make your butt baby soft. Many users experience drastic improvements from day to day and the formula is pH balanced for the uniquely sensitive skin located in the buttocks region. Moreover, the Brilliant Booty Kit includes the Butt Acne Clearing Lotion as well as a high quality ExfoliMATE Magic Exfoliating Cloth, which is also designed to help gently exfoliate the skin. 


If you haven’t had much luck with products or simply do not wish to treat your own condition, try consulting with a dermatologist. They will not only uncover the cause and treat your condition, but they will also likely give you useful tips to prevent the condition from reoccurring.

There are plenty of potential causes of butt acne. However, the only true remedies lie in finding the right products and learning to properly care for the area to prevent the condition from coming back.

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