To you, it’s just a pimple on your butt and you treat it as such by using your acne facial wash on your behind. However, many dermatologists say that butt acne isn’t even acne at all. Or at the very least, it’s far from the acne that appears on your face. So, using just any ole’ pimple-clearing wash won’t do justice on your buttocks. Instead, you need to determine what type of butt acne you’re experiencing so you can then make the proper adjustments within your lifestyle to clear up your butt blemishes.


5 Different Types of Butt Blemishes


Small or large bumps are “normal” pimples on the butt

One of the most common forms of butt acne appears just like any other, which is why we’ve called them “normal” pimples. There’s nothing special about them – no blackheads, no whiteheads, no pus – just bumps or red blemishes on the skin.

This is good news because "normal" pimples on the butt means that the pores and hair follicles aren’t inflamed or infected. So, you can easily clear them up with a Butt Acne Clearing Lotion.


Blind pimples can’t be seen but you know they’re there

For the pimples you can feel but can’t necessarily see on the skin, they’re called blind pimples. This form of butt acne is when the pimple is under the skin. In order to bring the bacteria to the surface, you need to exfoliate your behind with a shower cloth and use the Butt Acne Clearing Lotion, both of which come in the Brilliant Booty Kit.


Whitehead blemishes on the butt

If you find that the blemishes on your butt appear to have a whitehead or puss inside of it, you have whitehead butt pimples. It’s important to treat this kind of butt acne properly because the pimple may be infected if left untreated.

Whiteheads are often the result of the pore or hair follicle becoming blocked, which traps in bacteria and causing the butt acne to become inflamed and infected. So, use a Body Peel to remove the dead skin for your buttocks, and then cleans with a Butt Acne Cleaning Lotion.


Blackheads on the buttocks

Similar to whitehead butt acne, blackheads appear when dirt, grim, bacteria, and oil become trapped in your pores. In order to clear them out, you need to use a purifying charcoal cleanser to remove the debris and dead skin. Combine the Black Botanical cleanser with a Body Peel, and you’ll be clearing out those pores in no time.


Boils are a bad kind-of-butt acne  

Boils look and feel like butt acne but they are far from the pimples you're used to. Instead, boils are oil-filled pockets that grow deep into your skin as opposed to being clogged pores growing out towards the surface. As such, they often feel like a ball under your skin and if not treated properly, boils will continue to grow.

Additionally, the longer you leave them, the more painful and irritated they become. So, grab yourself an exfoliating cloth to remove the dead skin, along with an exfoliating cleanser, such as the Bambu Brasion. Wash regularly with a deep and purifying cleanser, such as the Black Botanicals, and apply hot compressions to help release the oil. If the boil doesn’t empty out on its own, it’s time to take a trip to the doctor.  


One of the worst things about all types of butt acne is that they’re itchy. It can be tempting to scratch at them but this will only further spread the bacteria that is causing the problem in the first place. Additionally, scratching can also lead to scarring. So, leave your fingernails out of your butt acne treatment regime and stick with the recommendations provided.

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