The Number One Question about Butt Acne Answered

We have been providing a solution to butt acne for over 10 years with hundreds of thousands of thankful customers. Butt acne has never been anyone's favorite topic but there are a few buttocks related questions that we think everyone wants the answers to. 

Here is the #1 Question About Butt Acne That We Get Asked:

How many people suffer from butt acne? Like, am I the only one?

butt acne number one questions

Let's talk statistics here. Because no one has ever done a butt acne study in a published journal there isn't a lot of data about this topic.

Before we launched our product there was no solution to this problem on the market. It was a literal white space. How did we know that butt acne was even a problem? Our founder got it after being pregnant, which prompted her to solve scientifically solve this skin issue. Within weeks of launching Butt Acne Clearing Lotion the thank-you letters rolled in and she knew that this was a real problem for millions. 

Butt acne is one of those problems that you convince yourself that no one else has because you can't see it. It must be only you and your terrible butt blemish problem.

Nope, it turns out almost every living human has had a butt pimple at one time or another. Just ask around -- as we did. We couldn't find a person who hasn't dealt with it briefly. But not everyone considers it a problem. 

Then there a few of us who get it chronically or all over the buttocks, thigh, and back region. When it looks like there is no end in site to the problem you probably start googling and the searching begins.

Finding your solution to red spots on the buttocks can be a long journey. There is a lot of bad advice out there on how to cure butt acne. Some straight-up myths that we will debunk later in another blog. Even doctors are stumped by booty breakouts. 

Basically, our years of company data provide a lot of insight and proof that men, women of all ages and ethnicities get butt acne. Hey, it is why we are in business. We love providing a really effective solution to a common problem. In sharing the solution for buttocks breakouts we also get to connect with some amazing human beings that want to worry about one less thing. 

The takeaway is that lot's of people have it and lots of people use Butt Acne Clearing Lotion. Try it and see for yourself!


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