Why You Have Butt Acne

Why You Have Butt Acne

Why You Have Butt Acne

If you’re dealing with breakouts on your butt, you’re not alone. Butt acne is a fairly common issue that many people encounter at some point. However, you might be surprised to find that butt acne is not the same type of acne you get on your face, which means the treatment is not the same, either. If you’re wondering how you got that acne on your butt and how you can get rid of it, check out what causes it and how to avoid the issue.


The Cause of Butt Acne Is Folliculitis

The reason you have butt acne is likely due to folliculitis. This describes the small red bumps that arise when you get an infection in a hair follicle. These bumps are often itchy and filled with pus, so it’s no surprise that many people call them pimples. But instead of being caused by blocked pores, they’re typically caused by staph bacteria. And if you don’t take care of the issue as soon as you notice the small bumps, you might end up with painful boils, which is why treatment is important. But you can also prevent folliculitis in the first place by avoiding a few common causes of it.

3 Reasons You Have Folliculitis

If you’re wondering why you’ve become the target of the bacteria that causes folliculitis, the answer is likely simple. For example, you might be wearing tight clothes too often, which can trap bacteria against your skin and eventually lead to butt acne. So instead of wearing tight clothes, try to wear looser clothing made of breathable material, such as cotton.

Another way you might be inviting bacteria to hang out on your skin is by staying in your workout clothes long after you’re done exercising. Keeping your clothes pressed against sweaty skin can create an environment bacteria will love. This is why it’s important to change out of your workout clothes and take a shower right after exercising.

Finally, make sure your skin stays moisturized, since dry skin gets irritated easily and can lead to butt acne. This is as simple as putting on lotion every day, especially right when you step out of the shower. Otherwise, you might start feeling the tiny bumps on your butt that you should be able to avoid with a little lotion on a regular basis.

If you already have butt acne, don’t despair because there is a treatment that will clear it right up. Just apply our Butt Acne Clearing Lotion to your rear as soon as you notice any bumps, and you’ll end up with the smooth, clear skin you want for this part of your body!


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