By Julie Pefferman, Co-Founder CLEANTAN USA

So for you, more patient skeptics types like me keep on reading the rest of my journey below...

The Odor 
There's a funky, burnt biscuit odor associated with tanners. Some of us are disgusted by it and others have learned to accept it. Many self-tanning products say no odor yet they always have 'the odor.' It's definitely not my style to just accept the status quo so I personally set out to solve this problem. I spent day and night - forcing everyone to smell me constantly - and finally nailed a proprietary code for a powerful new trade secret...

We can proudly say that CLEANTAN has no classic tanning odors. 

The Orange
Many of the tanners on the market still made me orange. Maybe it's less noticeable on some skin colors but for me, almost 80% of popular tanning products were still turning me a mucky orange. It's 2018 already - let's solve this problem. Right? I researched all the factors that affect this orange phenomenon... 

I made sure CLEANTAN strayed from all potential orange factors, developing into a lasting and natural brown color. 

The Dyes
Have you seen instant results that some sunless tanning products show, maybe on TV?  The model rubs it onto pale skin and poof! They have a dark tan in just a few minutes? Well, sad news, those are just dyes that end up in our bloodstream and then wash down the drain. Read more about these from Tina here. The real tanning process takes time so we decided to leave out dyes, opting for pigments like caramel, chocolate extract, beet root powder, and blue-green algae... 

You are going to love the better and more natural color without all the dyes in CLEANTAN

The Fragrance
We knew from the get-go that we didn't want our product to smell like pina coladas or offensive fragrance oils. We went rogue and opted for NO fragrance. We know fragrance helps sell products but we wanted something better for our bodies. As a personal user,

...I had to create a well crafted antioxidant blend powerhouse - now called TeaTan Complex. A hybrid of free radical fighters that assist other ingredients in developing a better and more natural tan. 

Then we found it happened to smell really great just like a good chai should. Tina and I agreed we were going to take the risk and let the natural aroma be, and ask for feedback. The verdict was that people (men & women) liked it, most stating they even loved it! 
The science and research behind CLEANTAN was a long and exciting journey.  Because we cleaned up tanning so thoroughly with our plant-based colorants, we hope you will give it a try to see for yourself what a tanning product can be. 
We know you are going to love the natural color and experience. I would personally love to hear your feedback. 
Julie Co-Founder CLEANTAN USA


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