A Tan With Benefits | Self-Tanning Concentrate, 3 OZ

Customize a natural looking sunless tan

CLEANTAN is the the first of its kind extremely concentrated tanning liquid with zero toxic downside. But don't let the concentrate part scare you! It is easy to use and pure liquid magic. Simply add a few drops to any of your regular skin care products like body lotion and smooth it onto your skin.

TIP: If you like to be very dark or for a vacation glow on your face, moisturize the skin first with a serum or oil then apply CLEANTAN liquid straight-on. You really can't mess up the results!

  • There is zero odor and absolutely no burnt smell typical of other self-tanners
  • Mixes easily into lotions, serums, and oils
  • Achieve deep golden tones from 100% plant based pigments
  • The liquid is made of antioxidants in TEATAN complex that gives a dose of antioxidants with each application
  • Made in the USA

Shake me first. Twist my top all the way. Warning: I am a very deep tanning concentrate. I come on too strong but I work well with others so always mix me with your favorite lotion, cream, or serum. Squeeze me a little for your face or squeeze me a bit more for your body and mix well. Even add me to sunless tanner for deeper results. Apply the mixture as usual and let me do my thing for at least 8 hrs before you wash-off. Experiment with me to find the perfect amount for your best tan. Don't forget to wash those dirty hands!

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