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USPS: We pass our shipping rates along to you with no mark-up.

USPS Priority Mail– This service takes 1-3 business days + up to 2 days processing time. Includes tracking and $100 insurance.

USPS Priority Mail Express – This service takes approximately 1 business day + up to 2 days processing time. Includes tracking and $100 insurance.




Shipping Restrictions: It is your responsibility to be aware of the specific import restrictions for your country. If your package is refused or destroyed due to customs rules, THE LAB & CO. will not be able to refund your order or offer a replacement at no charge.

Custom Charges/Duty Fees: It is your responsibility to be aware of and pay for Custom Charges/Duty Fees. THE LAB & CO. cannot be responsible any fees charged or offer a refund for these fees after it has been shipped.

USPS International: We pass our shipping rates along to you with no mark-up. Shipping fees do not include duties/taxes. THE LAB & CO. does not know what the duties/taxes are in your area, and we do not know if there will be brokerage fees. USPS often does not have brokerage fees, but this is not a guarantee.

USPS First-Class Package International – This service takes 1-3 weeks + up to 2 days processing time. There are no tracking numbers available for this service and no insurance. Shipping rates are less expensive but please select this at your own risk. Any Duty, Tax, or Brokerage fees related to this order is the responsibility of the recipient. 

USPS Priority Mail International (recommended) – This service takes approximately 6-10 business days. Tracking is included.  A small amount of insurance is also included in most cases. Any Duty, Tax, or Brokerage fees related to this order is the responsibility of the recipient. 

Shipping Promotions: Free shipping promotions are for the United States only, but rest assured that we simply pass our international shipping fees along to you with no mark-up.




Why did you send my order Signature Confirmation? Now I have to go pick it up at the post office.

We sometimes send high value shipments Signature Confirmation; this is to protect your package from theft.

In hot climates, we may send packages containing foundation "Signature Required" so that your lotion will not melt in the heat. If alpha hydroxy acid product is left in the sun it can decrease efficacy. It is safer at the post office if you are not home to sign for it.

If you live in an apartment or your package is going to a business we may mail it signature-required so that we have a record of who received the package. Items are less likely to be stolen when a signature is required.

If your billing and shipping address is not exactly the same we may send the package signature required to protect you against fraud. We may also call you to confirm your identity or email you to confirm your email address. If we cannot confirm your identity, will we hold the package until your identity is confirmed. We do everything in our power to protect people from identity fraud.

We reserve the right to send your package Signature Confirmation even if you request NO SIGNATURE.


Packages returned to us because it was not picked up by the customer:

If your package is sent “signature confirmation” or duty fees are required at pick up (outside the USA) and you fail to pick the package up it will be returned to us within 2 weeks. We will put the items back into inventory; we will refund your account minus shipping charges.


My package was scanned as delivered but I did not get it?

Please notify us immediately of a missing package. In most cases there is a simple explanation for the missing package – left at a neighbors, brought in by another family member, left behind the house, delivered the next day, etc. We will reach out to your local postal person directly to see where the package has been left. We will also begin to file appropriate tracing requests to make a determination. No missing packages are resent. They will only be refunded after thorough research.

In rare cases a theft has occurred. Please file a police report if you suspect theft to expedite the process. We won’t be able to help you if too much time has passed.

Sadly, false claims of missing packages does occur. To prevent fraud we take all claims of a missing package very seriously and will do our due diligence in research – probably more than other companies because we are small and every dollar counts. We will notify your local postal person in all cases and when we suspect fraud we will notify the postal inspector. Please reconsider making a fraudulent claim as it is punishable by law.



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