While this has been our #1 Belief for a bit now, these words really came to life recently. As I was packing and preparing for a MUCH needed Mexican escape, I was suddenly horrified at how much time and effort it was taking to just go to the beach! And, I hate to admit all this hustle and bustle boiled down to pre-vacation-beauty needs. Waxing, lashes, mani, pedi, blah blah blah….this used to be so fun! What the hell happened?!!?

So…I went back to the basics. I got a sunless tan and forewent everything else after that. And guess what? It was GLORIOUS! Free of fuss, huge investments, and hectic schedules. I even stopped dying my hair. Just like my formative years, I again realized that a good tan is all you really need. 

Let’s all make life and beauty a little less complicated, and make more time for fun! You just might find that a healthy glow head-to-toe will unleash your inner beauty. And that's something we ALL have, naturally. 

Tina Rowhanian




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