Butt Masking - Yes, it's a thing!

beautiful butt acne

Lately, it seems that everyone has jumped on the masking and multi-masking bandwagon. DIY yourself masks are all over the Internet and chances are you have tried quite a few masks yourself. That is because a good mask can change skin providing immediate benefits to troubled areas.

What is Butt Masking?

Booty masking is the wave of the future. Did you know Green Heart Labs invented the butt facial? Well, long before we brought it to spas people were experimenting at home. The art of butt masking is quite simply taking your facial product down to the booty. From clays to acids it can be fun to experiment on the thighs, back, and butt. 


clay mask for butt 

Can I use a face mask on my butt?

Of course, you can use typical face masks on the buttocks. The real question is, should you? Well, it depends what results you are looking to achieve. If you happen to have butt acne, folliculitis, or sweat rash, it is possible you could inflame or aggravate the area further. Soothing masks could be a real treat to an inflamed bottom. reSULface mask, for example, has oatmeal and white clay that soothe the skin. Ingredients that impede bacteria growth will be helpful too. The reSULface formula includes sulfur and zinc known to help skin as such. Gentle acids should be used carefully for good results and that is where Butt Acne Clearing Lotion shines.

Masks for Butt Acne

If you happen to have buttocks blemishes, you will want more out of a mask than a relaxing spa day. You want results. Butt Acne Clearing Lotion can be used as a treatment mask to provide intensive results. In addition to using the lotion, 2x daily many people like to apply a thick layer and let it absorb into the skin without dressing for several minutes. 

butt acne

How to us Butt Acne Clearing Lotion as a leave-on mask

Here are the details of this DIY one-step butt acne treatment. 

butt acne zit cream

STEP 1: We recommend cleansing the skin with the ExfoliMATE to clear the follicles and prepare the skin.

STEP 2: Apply a generous amount of Butt Acne Clearing Lotion to the affected areas of the bum.

STEP 3: Leave the product on the exposed skin for as long as comfortable - about 30 minutes, then rub the remaining product into the skin completely.

No need to rinse it off! 

Now, try it for yourself! If you have been embarrassed of your butt pimples or could use some before belfie skin care, pick up your ExfoliMATE and bottle of Butt Acne Clearing Lotion and combine it with a good book. Don't forget to take some before photos too!

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