What is the best self-tanner?


Who doesn’t love having a summery glow year round? Self-tanners are the key to achieving a gorgeous tan without the harmful effects of sunbathing or using tanning beds. There are a ton of sunless tanning options available, which is great – until it becomes overwhelming. From drops to lotions to sprays and more, how do you know which you should choose?What is the best self-tanner?

cleantan black tea tanning drops 

Types of self-tanner

Before we discuss which self-tanner is the best, let’s review some of the options. Common forms of self-tanner include lotion, spray, concentrated drops, mousse, gel and towelettes.

Lotion: Self-tanning lotion, cream and moisturizer have a tanning agent already mixed in. All you have to do is evenly apply it to your skin.

Spray: While tanning salons may offer spray tans, there is also a do-it-yourself version available to help you get a sun-kissed look at home.

Concentrated drops: Drops are a concentrated form of self-tanner. They can be added to lotions, creams and serums, then applied to the skin.

Mousse: Mousse is similar to lotion and is applied in the same way, but it has a lighter consistency and dries more quickly. 

Gel: Self-tanning gel is similar to mousse and is applied the same way, but it has a thicker consistency.

Towelettes: Self-tanning towelettes are small towels that contain a tanning agent and are used by wiping the towelette over your skin. 

Now, on to choosing the best self-tanner. What makes the best self-tanner great? 


No one likes getting excited about a purchase just to realize it doesn’t work as expected. The same goes for self-tanners. The best self-tanner is going to be effective and provide gorgeous results. Take the shade of the tan, for example. The best self-tanner will produce a tan that looks natural, not a fake bake orange color. You’ll also want to look for a self-tanner that provides even color and doesn’t streak or leave dark spots. The best self-tanner will also work well on the first try and not require extensive touch-ups or re-dos.

Personally, we like CLEANTAN for an effective sunless tanner. The plant-based formula creates a gorgeous tan using premium natural colorants like cocoa powder, beetroot, caramel, blue green algae, and ecocert dihydroxyacetone (a natural beet sugar). It’s easy to use and provides a stunning shade. 

Easy to use

The best self-tanner is one that’s easy to use. Getting a tan should not be a struggle! Sunless tanning lotion is often considered the best self-tanner for beginners because it’s easy to use: you just have to squeeze some product into your hands and apply it to your skin. Concentrated drops are also a great choice: simply add a few drops to the lotion or cream of your choice and evenly apply the mixture to your skin. At-home self-tanning sprays can be helpful for applying to hard-to-reach areas like the middle of your back. If you’re on a time crunch, gel and mousse tend to dry fairly quickly after being applied. Each type of self-tanner has its benefits, so it will be up to you to decide which is the easiest for you to work with. 

Clean ingredients

The best self-tanner has the best ingredients. When shopping for a sunless tanning product, it’s important to pay attention to what’s inside the bottle. Many self-tanners contain dyes and synthetic fragrances, which can irritate sensitive skin. The best self-tanner for sensitive skin as well as the best self-tanner for your face is one that won’t irritate your skin. Look for a self-tanner that is free of ingredients like dyes, perfumes, parabens, penetration enhancers, silicone and alcohol. 

In addition to paying attention to what’snot in the bottle, it’s also important to look at whatis in the bottle. A self-tanner with clean ingredients helps ensure you get a good-for-you tan. For example, CLEANTAN features a TEATAN Complex, a mix of antioxidant-rich teas that help protect your skin during sunless tanning and throughout the day. Ingredients include green tea, black tea, white tea, rooibos tea, matcha green tea, gotu kola, erythrulose (a natural raspberry sugar) and cardamom seed oil. CLEANTAN also includes squalane, a rich moisturizer derived from olive oil that helps protect your skin.


When it comes to finding the best self-tanner, look for one that offers customizable color. This ensures your tan will look great, no matter your skin tone. For example, concentrated sunless tanning drops allow you to customize the shade of your tan by using more drops for a darker tan or fewer drops for a lighter tan. This makes it a best self-tanner for fair skin, as you can use just a slight amount of product to achieve a subtle, natural-looking tan. It also makes it a great option for darker skin tones or for people who want a more dramatic tan, as you can add more drops for a darker shade.

With self-tanning drops, you can also choose how quickly you would like your tan to appear. For example, with CLEANTAN, you can gain your tan gradually by adding a few drops to your moisturizer on a regular basis, or for a faster, darker tan, apply to moisturized skin every 4 to 7 days.

 cleantan black tea self tanning drops

Why we think CLEANTAN is the best self-tanner

Considering all the things that make a self-tanner great, do we think CLEANTAN is the best self-tanner? Absolutely! CLEANTAN is a concentrated form of self-tanner that creates a gorgeous glow with just a few drops. It uses plant-based pigments to create a natural-looking, golden shade plus a mix of teas for a dose of antioxidants. CLEANTAN is 100% vegan and is free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes, gluten, silicone and more, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a healthy glow. CLEANTAN also uses zero odor technology to neutralize all offensive tanning odors. Instead, you get a nice scent of chai tea that quickly fades after application. Sound like a winner? Click here to learn more about CLEANTAN and try it for yourself.

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