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As the weather starts to heat up, for some, that means low necklines and shorter shorts. For others, showing that much skin can be stressful and even awkward if you're prone to body breakouts - especially if you are someone who also gets acne, and perhaps some acne-like bumps on your booty! 

Green Heart Labs, Butt Acne, Acne

It may sound embarrassing (it shouldn't be), but just know you're not alone. It happens to the best of us, men and women alike! 

So what causes butt acne? 

Contributing factors include sweat, non-breathing fabrics, improper hair removal, exercise & friction, and even sitting for long periods of time. How can you treat it? We’ve created abutt acne clearing lotion! 

Our scientifically formulated lotion caters to the unique needs of the skin on your lower back, thighs, and buttocks and is made with safe, natural, and organic ingredients. Green Heart Labsformula starts to soften and clear skin in just 24-hours! 

Our products have lactic and glycolic acids that are safe to leave on your most sensitive areas and contain a gentle exfoliant for a happy, healthy glow.

Ghl, Butt Acne, Acne

So what’re you waiting for?! 

Going to the beach for a socially distanced suntan doesn’t have to induce anxiety! You deserve to look and feel good from head to toe. Don’t forget to clear your rear! 

That brings us to our next go-to fav - reSULface!Got a blemish before a big day? Girl, we get it - been there! 

All you need to do is dab on a small amount of ourreSULface maskas an overnight, zit-blasting acne treatment for a fresh face for taking on tomorrow like a boss. And I think we can all agree, that is the goal, right?

Lab & Co, Butt Acne, Ance

The real reason this is one of our personal go-to’s is the anti-aging and anti-blemish technology. And I can already hear the echo of your question, “All in the small bottle?” - You bet your bottom. 

This skincarepowerhousebalances and heals the skin, banishes blemishes, along with reverses the signs of aging! Talk about a double hitter! 

OurreSULfacenutrient mud mask uses the power of potent sulfur and zinc to purify pores, detoxify skin, and target pimples. Niacinamide refines and firms skin for a youthful glow and white kaolin clay and oat kernel powder soothes sensitive skin for a 360-degree skin care solution. 

At the end of the day, we all have insecurities. But our mission here is to help you take those insecurities and kiss them goodbye! We are all beautiful. Green Heart Labs, is a problem-solution brand with innovative solutions to embarrassing problems like buttocks blemishes. 

We have the chemistry for a clear booty! And Amen to that!

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