What is Squalane Oil and How Can It Benefit My Skin?

It gets hard to keep up sometimes, doesn’t it?

What new products are hot, which ingredients are creating the latest buzz, what you absolutelyhaveto have on your bathroom shelf if you don’t want your face to be left in the dust of trendy Instagram skincare routines…

But sometimes, you don’t need to be trendy to have great skin.

Sometimes, youdon’tneed 24 karat gold eye masks, or flashy colored bottles, or insanely expensive serums.

Sometimes, you need simplicity, and if there is one product that we would wipe out an entire shelf of our medicine cabinets for, squalane oil is at the very top of our VIP list.

What is squalane oil?

Stable, potent, and oh-so-powerful, squalane oil is the product of the hydrogenation process of squalene,an unsaturated oil that is naturally present in our skin cells and a number of plants.

The hydrogenation process transforms a previous unsaturated (and as a result, unstable) oil into a stable, saturated oil we know and love as squalane oil.

But don’t be so quick to narrow your eyes at the word ‘process’ in skepticism!

The hydrogenation of squalene to squalane oil is absolutely essential if we want to consider using it on our precious skin. Pure, unsaturated squalene oil will go rancid very quickly, while its 100% saturated counterpart, squalane oil, has a much longer shelf life.

The benefits of squalane oil — the master moisturizer

If natural skincare products that are small on ingredients and big on benefits are your vibe, squalane oil will be your new best friend. This baby packs some serious punch.

Moisturizing? Covered.

We use squalane oil to plump and quench thirsty skin for a one-stop hydration shop whenever our skin needs a glow up. It’s also the perfect remedy to soothe cracked, dry skin, like chapped lips, or eczema patches you’d rather do without.

Friends with oil-prone skin, don’t let this steer you away! Adding a drop of squalane oil into your daily skincare routine will help control excess oil production. Though it may seem counterintuitive to apply oil to already-oily skin, squalane oil works wonderfully on all skin types and doesnotclog pores or leave behind an icky, greasy residue.

A drop is all you need to add squalane oil to your skincare routine

We get it — no one has the time or the energy to add yetanotherproduct to their already-complicated skincare regimen.

You already cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, mask, and moisturize.

We’re right there with you.

Thankfully, you can reap the benefits of squalane oil without complicating the heck out of your beauty routine.

Rub one or two drops between your palms then press lightly into your face and neck, or get more bang for your buck by adding a drop or two of squalane to your favorite serum or moisturizer for maximum hydration.

Massage this 100% pure oil into your skin after cleansing to layer up your evening moisturizer or to use as a base before applying makeup in the morning for radiant skin in a single drop.

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