Wishing You Had That Beachy Glow? We’ve Got You!

Wishing You Had That Beachy Glow? We’ve Got You!

You know how wearing your favorite outfit gives you that extra boost of confidence? We’ve found that a really good tan has the same effect!

There’s just something about the beachy glow that makes you feel confident, healthy, and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, not all tanning methods are safe. Don’t worry – CLEANTAN’s got you with our nontoxic sunless tanner!

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Is tanning bad for you?

First things first: what’s so bad about other ways of getting that golden glow?

Sun tanning

While lying out in the sun can sound like a relaxing way to spend the day, doing so without sun protection can be dangerous. For example, you run the risk of developing skin cancer, including melanoma, which accounts for most of the deaths due to skin cancer each year, according to the FDA.[i] While heredity may affect your likeliness of getting cancer, there’s also strong evidence linking exposure to UV rays and skin cancer.[ii]

Even if you don’t get cancer, you can still get a sunburn which, in addition to being extremely uncomfortable when severe, also causes short-term skin damage that includes redness and eventually unsightly peeling.[iii] When tanning in the sun, you also run the risk of premature aging, including developing dark spots, wrinkles, and skin with a leathery texture.[iv]

Tanning beds

Tanning beds are not a safe alternative to tanning outdoors. They still produce UVA rays, which may increase your risk of developing melanoma.[v] In fact, a study that observed 63 women who were diagnosed with melanoma before the age of 30 found that 97% of them had used tanning beds, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.[vi]

Tanning pills

There’s no such thing as a magic pill, and that’s true when it comes to tanning, too. Tanning pills include high doses of color additives (typically canthaxanthin) which, when the pill is consumed, are dispersed to different areas of the body, including the skin.[vii] However, tanning pills are not approved by the FDA.[viii]

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We don’t think you should have to subject yourself to UV rays or synthetic dyes just to get a gorgeous tan. That’s why we created CLEANTAN, the first of its kind, concentrated sunless tanner. By adding a few drops to your favorite moisturizers, body lotions, serums, and oils, you can get that fresh-off-the-beach glow without the risks of other tanning methods.

Why is CLEANTAN better?

We’re a science-backed, plant-based tanning revolution that will change the way you sunless tan forever. Our years of research mean that every inch of your tan is going to be high quality, non-toxic, and deliciously bronzing.

CLEANTAN gives you a healthy-looking tan using 100% plant-based pigments. This means that CLEANTAN has no toxic downsides, no synthetic dyes, and doesn’t leave that awful odor as other tanning products do. You’ll even get a dose of antioxidants. We call it A TAN WITH BENEFITS®.

If you read the ingredients list, you may recognize ingredients like green tea leaf extract, Darjeeling black tea leaf extract, white tea leaf extract, cardamom oil, and cocoa extract. What you won’t find are parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, artificial dyes, animal derivatives, alcohol, and other not-good-for-you ingredients. CLEANTAN is also cruelty-free.

How to get the most out of CLEANTAN

We want to you have a sun-kissed glow you love! To really maximize CLEANTAN’s benefits, start with the Infinity Body Polisher, our premium tanning prep accessory. Designer-inspired Infinity Body Polisher exfoliates your skin in a way that a regular washcloth just can’t. Its patented shape can be used as a ball, a mitt, or scarf, with or without soap for a scrub that smoothes and preps your skin for even, effortless application of sunless tanner. Our unique, soft mesh exfoliates skin without creating micro-tears and accelerates cell turnover to let you get in on the glow up with fresh, youthful-looking skin after every shower.

Next, it’s time for CLEANTAN. Start by shaking the bottle, then twist the top. Keep in mind that this is a very deep tanning concentrate, so you’ll want to mix it with your favorite lotion, cream or serum. Feel free to experiment with the amount of CLEANTAN you use to find the amount that gives you the level of tan you’re looking for. Finally, apply the mixture to your skin and let it do its thing for at least eight hours before you take a shower. And voila! The healthy, glowing tan of your dreams is a reality.

About The Lab & Co.

The Lab & Co. is a collaboration of exciting American-made beauty and wellness products. The unique brands you can discover here have all come together to say, "Eff your beauty routine!" If you want healthy, less fussy beauty products that give results then you’re in good company! Our products are pure and potent, using clean ingredients that give clinical results.

We first launched our Green Heart Labs brand and introduced the first only product scientifically created for buttocks breakouts. Since then, we’ve kept our ears open to our customers and continue launching product solutions based on loyal customer ideas and input.

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We believe a good tan can boost your confidence and change your life! We also believe that everyone should have healthy, non-toxic products that really work. It’s important to take care of your skin, and your skin deserves better than the health risks brought on by other tanning methods. If you’re ready for a beachy glow, visit our website to check out CLEANTAN! 

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