The Basics on Butt Acne

The Basics on Butt Acne

As if having a pimple pop up on your face throughout the night wasn't enough, you've started spotted butt acne and have no idea why or where this weird, and rarely discussed 'thing' is coming from. Even if you have the clearest skin everywhere else, butt acne may still make its mark on your tush because technically it's folliculitis, keratosis, or pilaris, or in other words, it's not technically acne at all. Everything that you need to know about buttne - yes, it's a thing - can be found right here in this helpful little guide that will give you the basics on what it is, and more importantly, how to treat and prevent it.


What is Butt Acne?

Just as the name states, butt acne is acne on your buttocks. They're similar to the pimples that can appear on your face, or even body acne found on your arms, legs or even back, but they're, well, on your butt. Although this kind of acne can undoubtedly come from a variety of different factors, they mostly appear due to blocked pores and everyone can get them, regardless of your sex, age or activity levels. Oh, blocked pores. Weren't our teenage years enough? Fortunately - and unfortunately with buttne becoming a thing - there are many things that you can do to deter these red bumps from popping up on your bum. Now, some people have no idea that they have little skin imperfections popping up on their backside, so grab a mirror and take a look. Some red bumps may just be irritated hair follicles, so don't panic. There's a butt acne fix called the Butt Acne Clearing Lotion which is the only product out there that addresses this problem correctly. It also treats the brown spots or 'scars' that acne on your butt can sometimes cause. 

What Causes Butt Acne?

What a great question, and an even better place to start when fighting off the backside bumps. The causes of butt acne are different from regular acne, which is also why regular facial pimple-fighting lotions don't work on your buttocks. A lot of butt acne is caused by the clothes that you're wearing, especially if they're tight, sweaty and well, not intended for every day wear like your favorite statement pair of yoga pants or leggings.  When your pants, leggings, tights, workout clothes are building up a sweat and sticking right onto your skin, your pores get clogged and even if you think you aren't sweating throughout the day, you are. Loose clothes can also cause butt acne because when you sit, the material is against your skin, again, enhancing the evil intentions of clogged pores.


Don'ts for The Booty

With the trend of Kim Kardashian's butt popping up all over social media, you may feel enticed to make your booty shine and glisten but don't. There's Photoshop for that. Oils, really slick moisturizers or even poor quality creams can clog your pores, and since your booty is an already sensitive area, it doesn't take much. By all means, moisturize your bum, but make sure to be using high-quality lotions or even medicated creams to fight off the red bumps. You also never want to try to pop them. You've likely heard this about the pimples on your face, and your booty is no different. This will only irritate the area and make it look worse or even cause an infection. Let it be and let it breathe. 

Quick Treatment Options

Get rid of the lotions and body washes that are packed with chemicals and scents, and incorporate products that do as they're intended, instead of the opposite. If you want clear skin, using a daily wash that is loaded with harmful elements may provide you with short-term satisfaction, but in the long run, it's the high-quality products that have emphasized the ingredients used that will make a difference. Try a butt acne cleansing lotion, and give yourself a good rub down. Again, it's the only product out there that addresses this problem. Gently exfoliate to open those pores up and clean them out, and always, always shower immediately after a hardcore sweat session. You may also want to retire your leggings or yoga pants to only 1 or 2 days a week.

It isn't all bad news though! As soon as you see your butt acne disappearing, you'll be happy that you incorporated real clothes into your wardrobe instead of the stuff encouraging clogged pores. Shop butt acne specific products to keep your backside flawless and clear of blemishes and imperfections.

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