Adult Acne Fighting 3 Step Guide


Your teenage years have come and gone; you graduated and tossed the years behind of awkward phases and pimple prone skin or so you thought. Instead, you woke up as an adult only to see those statement red dots and bumps sprout from each-and-every pore that they chose, but something’s different. These pimples look different, feel different and are different. It's adult acne, and before you scream in a panic that the skin blemish days are back, you are not alone, and many adults experience adult acne. First things first, butt pimples are not the same as facial acne.  Now, if that isn't making you feel better, the rest will as this will be your ultimate adult acne fighting guide that will put those skin imperfections in the past.


Adult Acne Is Not Teen Acne


This might come to some of you as bad news. After all, fighting those years of teenage pimples has made you an expert on the subject. Unfortunately, adult acne is not the same thing, and there are different causes and treatment but don't worry - it's relatively simple to take care of and much easier to control than those blemishes of your teen years. One of the most significant differences you may notice is where the adult acne is appearing. A common place is around the mouth which is caused by the lovely hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. They're usually pinker than they are red or white, but they are treatable! That's good news.


Adult Acne Cleansing

Since adult acne is undoubtedly different from teenage acne, you may not be able to resort to your old skincare regime and will have to adopt a new one that is specific to your new found skin blemishes. You may want to use an anti-aging mask that also clears out those clogged pores, or focus on a cleansing lotion that emphasizes utilizing natural and high-quality ingredients to promote healthy, younger, fresher looking skin. As a rule of thumb, determine what kind of complexion you have - oily, neutral, dry, etc. - and then find cleansing options that were designed for your skin but that also have adult acne fighting elements prominent within the mixture of ingredients.  You will also want to get back in the habit (unless you never retired it from your teenage years) of washing your face morning and night - even if you don't wear makeup. Your pores get clogged throughout the day, and without cleaning them out, you'll be helping that adult acne sprout.


Consider Lifestyle Changes


This might sound like drastic advice for treating adult acne, but you'd be surprised how well simple changes can improve the appearance of your skin, and ultimately, decrease the adult acne you're experiencing. There are many lifestyle choices that we make that are harmful and encourage those pesky red spots to make their mark on our skin. Weight gain can cause a breakout as it will throw off your hormones balance. Just as food was always a trigger for acne back in the teenage years, it also is now - only in a different way. So, eat healthily! You'll be thankful for it later and for more than just the clear skin elements. Since we're on the topic of health, exercise - it works wonders, but you must clean your skin correctly afterward because the sweat buildup will lead to breakouts. For the last lifestyle change, this one goes out to if you're someone who always has their smartphone up to their ear, you may want to reconsider. With your fingers tracing over the touchscreen and keyboard throughout the day, you can imagine how much dirt, bacteria, and oil gets gather - only for you to press it into your skin then. Try to get into the habit of wiping your phone with an antibacterial wipe, or even start using an earpiece.


See! We told you adult acne wasn't near as complicated as those teenage pimples. You have first to learn what they're all about and why they sprout and then you're all set. As a bonus tip for treating adult acne, try to get in the habit of exfoliating to allow those pores to clear out even more thoroughly, and with the rest of the adult acne tips provided, your skin is about to become much more clear.

There are solutions to help ease the discomforts of adult acne. Here is a fun way to help fight blemishes on the back, body, and thighs.


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