5 Reasons You’re Getting Pimples on your Butt

Butt acne is a pain in the arse – literally. Just when you think pimples only appear on your face, you find them popping up on your buttocks. However, these pimples seem to be significantly more painful than the ones you’re used to, which can cause you to become quite concerned. But don’t worry. Butt acne isn’t really acne, according to most dermatologists. So, chances are you have nothing to worry about. You just need to discover what’s causing the blemishes on your rear so you can use the proper butt acne treatment to get rid of them.

 Five reasons you have butt acne 

  1. Dry skin can cause butt acne

You likely have never thought about dry skin appearing on your buttocks but it happens, and this could be the culprit causing all the problems. Since the skin on your bum is significantly more sensitive than the others due to the lack of moisturizing, pores can easily get clogged with dry skin particles. With the addition of always having clothing covering your butt, the clogged pores get irritated and alas, butt acne has claimed their territory.


  1. Tight clothes are trapping in bacteria

Tight clothes can be hard to steer clear of because they’re the current fashion trend. However, they are different types of tight clothing that traps in more


bacteria than others, such as leggings and yoga pants. Unfortunately, these also happen to be the trendiest of trends so you don’t want to eliminate them from your wardrobe - and you don't have to. Instead, place importance on the quality of yoga pants and leggings you choose, and regularly use butt acne clearing lotion to battle the blemishes on your booty.


  1. A sweaty rear is a party for pimples

The more you sweat, the more likely blemishes on the buttare to appear. Unfortunately, you can’t always control your sweat. It’s not like you have deodorant for your booty. However, there are some things you can do to deter butt acne on the sweatiest of days.

For starters, stay away from non-breathing fabrics when the weather is scorching or when you’re working out. This will only further trap in the sweat and bacteria, causing butt pimples to appear. Once your sweat session is done, whether post-workout or at the end of the day, shower with a butt acne clearing lotion.



  1. Sitting too long can cause an increase in blemishes on your butt

If you’ve been looking for a reason to be more active during the day, you’ve found it. Sitting for long periods can cause sweat and bacteria to build up, and hair follicles to become infected and inflamed, which results in blemishes on the butt. So, try to get in the habit of standing when you can, getting up from your desk more often, and getting active instead of binge-watching the latest show on Netflix. It’ll help your butt in more ways than one.


  1. Hormones can be horrible for butt acne

Oh, hormones. If they aren’t messing with your mood they’re messing with your buttocks. Unfortunately, you can’t always control the hormones being released within your body. However, you can control the effects of hormones by incorporating butt acne cleansers into your daily regime.


Butt acne may not seem like a big deal because they aren’t on display for the entire world to see. However, bum pimples can affect your self-confidence and even quality of life, as it can be difficult to do the simplest of things, such as sitting down. So, take proper action and battle the butt acne before it appears. Use Butt Acne Clearing Lotionto combat all the blemishes on your butt.


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