Privacy Shipping -- We've Got Your Back. . . I Mean Butt

Over the last two years, I have gotten quite a few emails and letters about Butt Acne Clearing Lotion being a real lifesaver. I get it because I suffered from "butt acne" myself and created this product selfishly for my embarrassment. Something that customers share with me quite often is the fact that they were hesitant to purchase because they didn't want it coming to their house or work in a big neon green package with the words BUTT ACNE all over it. Getting a package like that can make you seem like a leaper and shudder with embarrassment. One customer confided in me that they got a private mailbox at the post office to shield themselves from such an experience; This almost stopped them from seeing amazing results. I don't want that to happen to you. Our amazing personal lubricant, CocoLube, might make you worried about the same thing. 

I wanted to write this post to let you know personally that your order arrives in discrete packaging - no product name visible. We value your confidentiality at this company!  You will get a white or brown box (very standard) with a white label (also very standard looking). The return label simple has our Company Name THE LAB & CO. and our return address. Trust me! It will go unnoticed in your mail and usually slips nicely into the mailbox for even more privacy. 




Oh and one more thing about having your back, customers love our ExfoliMATE which is perfect for reach and exfoliating your back. Seriously, we've got your back!