Are You Experiencing One Of The Most Common Skin Conditions?


There's nothing like feeling discomfort or noticing something different about your skin and having no idea what it is, or how you can treat it. If you haven't been diagnosed with keratosis pilaris but are experiencing some rough patches of small, acne-like bumps on your skin and are desperate to find out what it is and better yet; a solution, then you've come to the right place. The Aha! Moment Body Peelis an excellent place to start freshening up your skin as it is gentle enough for all skin types and can be used for many skin conditions and symptoms such as dry skin, rough skin, dull skin, blemished skin, chicken skin, and yes, even keratosis pilaris. It can also be used on almost all areas on the body. So let's discover more about keratosis pilaris and how you can treat those bumps that are driving you nuts having to look at them.



What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Pronounced ker-uh-TOE-sis pih-LAIR-is, it is a very common and not serious skin condition that causes those dry, rough patches of skin that typically comes along with small, acne-like bumps that are usually white and sometimes red. The symptoms generally appear on the arms, thighs, cheeks and buttocks and don't tend to hurt or itch. However, they’re still likely driving you nuts and you want to get rid of them. It was once difficult to treat keratosis pilaris without some prescription medicine, but you can now appreciate treatment for this skin condition right in a bottle, sans a huge medical bill and prescription. According to and several other dermatologists, it typically goes away on its own around the age of 30, but you shouldn't have to struggle with those tiny bumps in the mean time, and that's why Aha! Moment Body Peel is a must-have for anyone experiencing such symptoms.


What Causes Keratosis Pilaris

The causes of keratosis pilaris make it understandable as to why this skin condition is so common. state that "it is a very common form of dry skin characterized by hair follicles being plugged" by a buildup of keratin which is a protein that protects your skin from infections and other harmful elements. Dermatologists haven't been able to determine the exact trigger of the buildup but there are some scenarios that can make keratosis pilaris more likely. For instance, if you already have dry skin, you are likely to experience keratosis pilaris or at the least, similar symptoms. This is also the reason why the skin condition tends to worsen in the winter months as the air gets drier, and can even sometimes be completely cleared up in the summer simply due to weather and air conditions. Many people with other skin conditions such as eczema also tend to have keratosis pilaris. On the bright side though, there are easy ways for you to eliminate the appearance of these white bumps and help unclog those hair follicles.



What You Can Do To Treat Keratosis Pilaris

For starters, keeping your skin moist will instantly lessen the effects of keratosis pilaris. So definitely grab yourself a high quality moisturizing cleanser and Aha! Moment Body Peel to experience that Aha! moment of seeing those bumps and dry patches of skin disappear. It is also recommended by many dermatologists to never scratch or rub the areas that are bothering you, and limit your time spent in water to avoid drying out your skin even further. Exfoliate with an exfoliating cloth to unclog those follicles and regularly use thick moisturizers, again, made of high quality ingredients on your skin to keep it moist. You may want to consider adding a humidifier into your home during those winter months as well., which is a highly reputable medical reference online recommends that you incorporate topic exfoliates such as lactic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid into your beauty regime to further remove those dead cells that are causing the blockage. Lactic acid is one of the most efficient ingredients which is a natural and milder alternative to glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids have been linked to providing smoother, younger and healthier looking skin by encouraging skin renewal to improve your overall skin texture and tone. The best part is that both of these ingredients are in the Aha! Moment Body Peel, which is why it is one of the best treatments found in a bottle for keratosis pilaris or for those suffering from similar symptoms.



While there is no cure for keratosis pilaris, you certainly don't have to be taking prescription drugs and doing laser treatments to get rid of the symptoms that follow. Moisturizing lotions, creams and peels can help give your skin that glow back and the Aha! Moment Body Peel is paraben, sulfate, phthalate and cruelty free product and Green Heart Labs use only high quality ingredients to ensure the best possible health for your skin. The Aha! Moment peel is also available as a facial peel, so you truly don't ever have to experience those white bumps and dry patches ever again.