Causes of Dry Skin

Causes of Dry Skin

While many people suffer from the aches, pains, and inconveniences of dry skin, particularly during the dry winter months, dry skin isn't usually a sign of a severe skin condition or underlying problem.

Dry skin is caused, generally, by hot showers, lack of moisturizer, itchy clothing and harsh perfumed soaps. And, it's a common ailment all around the world for people of all genders, skin and body types.

Take a look at our guide to the causes and most effective remedies of dry skin to leave you feeling soft, fresh and comfortable all year around.

What Is Dry Skin & What Are the Causes?

Let's start first by identifying what constitutes dry skin. Healthy, hydrated skin is coated with a layer of supple fat called lipids. Lipids are what helps keep your skin's moisture inside and ultimately what makes it feel soft and elastic.

Dry skin, which is medically known as xerosis, is the absence of these lipids within your skin that leads to a higher chance of its ability to damage itself. Usually, dry skin is caused by your external surroundings. However, dry skin can sometimes be the result of an underlying medical condition, such as psoriasis, eczema, malnutrition and more, or the medication you are taking.

While patches of dry skin can appear anywhere on your body, they are most often found on the hands, arms, legs, and stomach. If you're in tune with your body, you'll usually notice a slight itchy feeling before seeing any physical dryness. This is the point in which you want to intervene and take care of your skin.

If you leave your skin untreated, you are prone to developing dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) that can lead to slight swelling and, in severe cases, infection. A daily skincare regime, especially during the winter months, can help solve most problems associated with dry skin and leave you feeling soft and supple year-round.

How to Treat Dry Skin

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Did we mention you need to exfoliate? One of the main causes of problems related to dry skin is a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Using a body scrub or loofah usually won't cut it, as you've probably got years of unknown buildup to remove (don't worry, most people do), but the right lotion combined with the right exfoliating cloth will, most of the time, do the trick.

ExfoliMATE is an exfoliating cloth explicitly made for the sloughing off dead skin, including hard to clean places like your back, buttocks, arms, and shoulders. This exfoliating washcloth features softer fibers and a unique weave pattern for a smoothing microdermabrasion effect. The best part? Due to the foam boosting loops, you won't need to use as much body wash or soap.

Treating dry skin is best when done daily and with the help of lotions that include lactic acid and other natural oils free of parabens and toxins. SKINBOSS Body Repair Lotion helps to gently exfoliate and relieve dryness associated with keratosis pilaris, diabetes, changes in the weather and harsh soaps or detergents.

A good lotion will also help to stimulate cellular regeneration to prevent and protect severely dry skin and related conditions on elbows, knees, and hands.

Five Quick Dermatologist Approved Skincare Tips

Now that you're armed with a proper exfoliating cloth and body repair lotion, you'll want to follow these ten dermatologist-approved skin care tips to ensure you're treating your skin to the care it deserves.

1. Keep the Showers Short
Dermatologists suggest limiting your showers to 5-10 minutes (which is better for the environment anyway) and using warm rather than hot water. Use a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser like the SKINBOSS Body Repair Lotion and exfoliate.

2. Apply Moisturizer Immediately After Showering
This will ensure that the moisture stays locked inside your skin for an all-day healthy glow. Layer on a post-shower moisturizer immediately after drying off as your skin's first defense against the environment's natural drying agents.

3. Use Gentle, Unscented Lotions
It is recommended that you avoid using skin care products that contain alcohol, fragrance, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). By utilizing a product such as Greenheart Labs' Aha! Moment Body Lotion that's free of harmful chemicals, you'll allow your skin to retain its natural oils.

4. Wear Non-Irritating and Breathable Clothes
After you've completed your skincare regime, you'll want to aid in your skin's natural oil-retaining abilities by wearing clothes that won't irritate your body. Wear cotton or silk clothing and avoid fabrics made of wool or other rough material. As well, we suggest using hypoallergenic detergent.

5. Add Moisture to the Air
Employing the aid of a humidifier will be your best friend if you suffer from dry skin. Some newer homes come with humidifiers built into the heating system, but if yours doesn't, look into investing one to keep your home environment from circulating dry air that will irritate your skin.

There you have it. Dry skin is a common problem that millions of people around the world suffer from. The great news is that it is treatable if you follow a skin care regimen that includes an excellent exfoliating cloth and a lotion that repairs as well as cleans your skin. What are you waiting for? You don't need to spend an arm and a leg (you'll want to keep those with the new, moisturized skin you'll be having) to experience revitalized and supple skin.

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