Selfcare Routine | Introduce Cocolube

Selfcare Routine | Introduce Cocolube

As we find ourselves staying home due to the current circumstances - hello Netflix and chill time! We can also take this time for some serious self-care. Because honestly, a majority of us these days are straight-up addicted to the game we call work. We are constantly on the go. And if not on the go we are staring at our screen.

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So, we have decided to take this forced time to really check-in with ourselves. The best part is, we can have a little fun while we do it by mixing in a littleCocolube! 

With this newfound extra time at home, it is time to connect with ourselves, and if we live with a partner - connect with them. We can take this time to find ourselves again and have a little fun while we do it!

Here is a sneak peek at our go-to self-care routines:

Take a bath:

 There is nothing more relaxing than a perfect bath with your top fav bath products. A way to add a little extra to this "me-time" moment is a glass of wine &Cocolube Massage & Play. It leaves you feeling like a queen. To mix it up a little, you could invite your partner in for some reconnecting. It is important to take that time to check-in with one another.  

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You and your partner can team up and give one another massages. You can use Cocolube Massage & Play. Its sensuous hydration, smooth, luxury cosmetic-like application and truly irresistible scent make it the perfect massage oil to help you relax and get into that zen mode. I think we could all benefit from a massage after that week!

Flying Solo:

Masturbation can actually help lower stress and help you relax! Which, after this week we could all use. So if you are rocking this #stayhome alone. Well, we say add a little Coco Spray Play. Cocolube Spray Play comes in a handy 1-ounce bottle with a spray top. It’s the perfect size to pop into your nightstand. Now pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles and set the mood. This is your time.

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Movie Night In:

This is the perfect time to get yourself caught up on all those old school movies you have been craving & all those new blockbusters you keep saying you will catch but keep pushing off! So, throw the popcorn in, get yourself something to sip on and snuggle up. Netflix could not be handier right now!

Now that you have picked a flick, kick your feet up and grab some Coco Massage oil for those hands & feet. After all that sanitizing we have been doing our skin is EXTRA dry. The best part of Cocolube Massage is it hydrates your skin and leaves that silky touch. 

If you and your partner are at home together - well, take this as a moment to spice things up! Go grab that box of toys from the bedroom. Cocolube Massage also works as a lubricant. Best of both worlds, we know!


Treat yourself to that cheat meal you have been craving. And what better way to add some heat to your personal life than some foreplay before the main course. Cocolube - Sex Punch would be the perfect combo for this moment. Meet the world’s healthiest natural lubricant. And hey, if you are cooking for one - there is always time for a mid cooking break. 

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Make sure you are in bed around the same time every night, even weekends if you can! This is really important for those of you who just moved into the remote work life after this whirlwind week we just had. 

Sleep is key to a successful start to your next day and overall mental health for that day. We have a little tip for ya - if you are having trouble sleeping, grab yourSex-Punch lubricant from your nightstand and treat yourself to a nightcap.

We all know nothing puts you to sleep better than an orgasm. This is something you can do whether alone or with your partner. Cocolube is for any scenario you find yourself in.

But, there is one thing we are really excited about over at Lab & Co and that is the launch of Cocolube's new productSex-Punch! 

Sex-Punch, along with all our lubricant products, is a proprietary blend of coconut-derived oils that provides silky, sensuous, long-lasting lubrication to Spray and Play whenever life heats up.

It really is the best you’ve ever had. It delivers everything you’re missing with water, silicone and oil-based lubricants in a single, sensual soulmate.

Water-based lubricants are loaded with preservatives to keep away bacterial contamination. You won’t find any of those in Sex-Punch.

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Also, Sex-Punch is a unisex formula that is made for men and women, but the ladies love it for its sensuous hydration, smooth and luxury cosmetic-like application. Sex Punch flavor is an exotic blend of flirty fruits with the same pure ingredients and texture. 

Now its time for you to log off and go get in some of that self-care in! Also, for you shoppers out there - check out some of ouramazing products. Ain't nothing better than a little skincare to add to that night routine!





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