Product Spotlight: ExfoliMATE by Green Heart Labs

The Original ExfoliMATE Magical Shower Cloth

Exfoliating has never been so easy or so enjoyable!

Our original ExfoliMATE shower cloth gently preps your skin and makes it ready to easily absorb any treatments you need to follow up with.

This magic exfoliating shower cloth is modeled after the Japanese exfoliation towel, but we’ve added a twist.

We’ve made the ExfoliMATE with softer fibers and a special weave pattern that give it that microdermabrasion effect.

We added foam-boosting loofah-loops to ExfoliMATE, so you can save money by using less body wash or acne soap. It’s also perfect for refreshing your skin after a workout.

Why Do We Need to Exfoliate?

Your body sheds dead skin cells, by the hundreds, as if they were going out of fashion. Once we learned that, we knew we had to create the best showering cloth ever!

Some areas of your body need more attention than others when you’re exfoliating. We recommend you spend a little extra time on your elbows and knees, where dry skin can become flaky and itchy.

How often should you use your ExfoliMATE?

As often as you like. It’s gentle enough for daily use but robust enough that you won’t wear it out in a few weeks.

You know your body’s needs better than anyone.

Who Can Use our Original ExfoliMATE?

If you suffer from back acne, butt acne, or any other lumps and bumps, ExfoliMATE will gently scrub away all those blemishes. It leaves your skin feeling gorgeous and soft. 

It’s great for brightening dull, dry, and aging skin and for the best results possible use it with our Butt Acne Clearing Lotion.

Our original ExfoliMATE shower cloth cleans pores and follicles while removing dead skin and bacteria.

ExoliMATE even reaches those tough to treat places on your shoulders, back, and butt.

The original ExfoliMATE comes in biodegradable packaging and the following colors:

  • Green
  • Purple
  • Aqua
  • Exotic Animal print

At a price of $12.99, your skin will thank you for the treat!

How to Use ExfoliMATE for Maximum Results

We all have those places that we struggle to reach, but ExfoliMATE is designed to reach even those.

Apply a small amount of body wash or soap to your ExfoliMATE.

Grasp an end of ExfoliMATE in each hand and then scrub with a back-and-forth motion from different angles.

And don’t forget the places you can’t see!

Once you’ve finished exfoliating, rinse out your cloth and hang it up to dry.

Complete your morning beauty regime by applying a moisturizing and sweetly fragrant lotion.

If treated with the love it deserves, your ExfoliMATE will give you years of high-quality service. Here are some tips for looking after it:

  • Rinse before using for the first time.
  • Machine wash on a normal cycle without bleach.
  • Air dry and do not iron.

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