How To Use A Coffee Scrub For Cellulite

How To Use A Coffee Scrub For Cellulite

Before we discuss using a coffee scrub for cellulite, first let’s find out what is actually in a coffee scrub that can help to reduce cellulite.

The main ingredient in a coffee scrub…? You guessed it, coffee.

The biggest benefit that coffee brings to the table is the caffeine it contains within its beans. When applied to the skin, caffeine acts as what is called a ‘vasoconstrictor,’ as well as an antioxidant and a diuretic. The result: the skin becomes smoother and firmer through the dehydration of fat cells and the constriction of blood vessels.

Caffeine is used in many beauty products, particularly eye creams, because it constricts blood vessels, which tightens skin and helps to reduce eye puffiness and non-hereditary dark circles.

The amount of caffeine in coffee depends upon the type of coffee beans being used. The more uncommon Robusta coffee beans (which are used in FitMud) contain, on average, 83% more caffeine than Arabica beans, which are the most popular beans used to make coffee.

When coffee is combined with other ingredients—brown sugar, Himalayan salt, and essential oils—it creates an amazing skin exfoliator and moisturizer, which removes the dry and dead skin to reveal the brighter skin underneath. This is not only helpful for cellulite, but it helps to promote healthier skin overall.

How To Use A Coffee Scrub For Cellulite

If you’re ready to experience amazing skin from head to toe, here’s how to use a coffee scrub to target cellulite, and to exfoliate and clean your skin.

1. Turn on the shower. While it’s heating up, be sure to tie your hair up so that it’s out of the way, and so that you won’t get any of the coffee scrub in your hair.

2. Bring your coffee scrub into the shower. Prepare to get a little messy, but don’t worry, the coffee scrub washes right off your body and down the drain.

3. Stand under the warm water and get your skin wet. Make sure every area you want to target gets wet. Then shut off the water, or just stand out of the way, so the water is not hitting you.

4. Before you take out a small handful of coffee scrub, be aware... a little goes a long way! You don’t need a large handful to get started. Trust us. We want that coffee scrub to hit your skin, not the tub or shower floor!

Take a small handful of coffee scrub, say a quarter size, and apply it to your upper shoulders and chest area. Rub in circular motions, massaging the coffee scrub into your skin.

The chest and shoulders are the best places to start, as you can spread the coffee scrub down your body from here. Remember, if you use too much at once, you’ll find that it’s all just falling all over the floor, rather than getting spread onto your body.

If you don’t have a partner to help you apply the coffee scrub to your middle and upper back, you can use a shower scrubber to get those tough-to-reach areas.

5.  Once you’ve covered the upper half of your body, it’s time to move onto your legs, bottom, and feet. To target that cellulite, be sure to cover the back and sides of your legs, as well as your lower back and bottom. Massage the scrub deeply into your skin for several minutes in circular motions.

6. Finally, apply the scrub to your feet and massage it in to remove any dry or dead skin, especially on your heels.

7. Now that you’re fully coated in coffee scrub wait 5-10 minutes to let it dry and for the caffeine to absorb into your skin.

8. Once you've waited a few minutes, rinse off your skin and pat yourself dry with a towel.

9. For best results, repeat this process several times a week.

Remember, like any product offered on the market, coffee scrub is not a silver bullet that will eliminate your cellulite or other skin conditions that you may have. While it may help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, a daily regimen of diet and exercise should become part of your lifestyle.

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