Why Our Tanner Can Benefit You All Season Long

Why Our Tanner Can Benefit You All Season Long

The air is cold. The skies are gray. Your skin is…tan?? Turns out, summer isn’t the only season that you can rock a golden glow! With CLEANTAN – our concentrated sunless tanner – it’s easy to get the sun-kissed shade you want, without subjecting yourself to the downsides of other tanning methods, like damaging UV rays. In fact, there are a variety of ways that CLEANTAN can benefit you all season long.

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Negative effects of other tanning methods

First, what’s so bad about other forms of tanning, anyway? Is laying out in the sun really that bad for you? While soaking up the sun may be relaxing and leave you with a tan, the UV rays your skin absorbs from the sun in the process can be problematic.

Sunlight – the most common form of UV radiation – produces three main types of UV rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. The Earth’s ozone layer absorbs all UVC rays and some UVB rays, so most of the rays that reach your skin are UVA plus a small amount of UVB. Short-term exposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause sunburn, while prolonged UV exposure can lead to premature aging (in the form of leathery, wrinkled skin and dark spots​[1]​ and skin cancer.​[2]

In terms of convenience, if you want to get a tan from the sun, you have to plan your sunbathing time around the sun’s hours and the current weather conditions – we’re assuming you wouldn’t want to lay out in the rain or freezing temperatures.

So relying on the sun for a tan isn’t the best idea. What about tanning beds? While they do offer the convenience of giving you a tan year-round, you still can’t tan whenever you want – only when the tanning salon has tanning beds available. The bigger issue is that the lamps used in tanning beds emit UV radiation.​[3]​ Studies have found that people who use tanning beds or booths have an increased risk of skin cancer. The risk of melanoma is higher if the person started indoor tanning before the age of 30 or 35, and the risk of squamous and basal cell skin cancer is higher if the person started indoor tanning before the age of 25.​[4]​ Clearly, using tanning beds is probably not the best idea for the health of your skin.

Why CLEANTAN’s different

CLEANTAN is the first of its kind concentrated sunless tanner. By simply adding a few drops to your favorite moisturizers, body lotions, serums or oils and applying that to your skin, you can get that fresh-off-the-beach glow! That’s why we call it pure liquid magic.

Featuring a 100% plant-based formula, CLEANTAN is free of dyes, perfumes, parabens, and penetration enhancers found in most other self-tanners. Its advanced formulation neutralizes all offensive tanning odors, and its concentrate form means you can customize the level of tan it gives you. There are also zero toxic downsides and you don’t have to expose your skin to the risks of UV rays just to get a tan.

What you ​do​ get with CLEANTAN is a gorgeous glow from plant-based pigments like cocoa powder, beetroot, squalane and more, plus a dose of antioxidants from the TEATAN complex, which includes ingredients like green tea, black tea, white tea and matcha green tea, to name a few.

CLEANTAN is a science-backed tanning revolution developed from years of research. Every inch of your tan is going to be high quality, non-toxic, and deliciously bronzing.

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How our tanner can benefit you all season long

You know that feeling you get when you wear your favorite outfit or play the go-to song that gets you pumped up for the day? We believe a great tan can give you that boost of confidence, too. What’s great about CLEANTAN is that you can have that tan and that confidence boost any time of the year. Since you’re not reliant on sunny days, you can have that golden glow even when it’s cold and dreary outside. You’re also not dependent on the tanning salon’s availability.

Another benefit? You get to control what your tan looks like. Since CLEANTAN is a concentrate, you can add just the right amount to your moisturizer for the tan you’re wanting to achieve, whether that’s light, dark, or somewhere in between. CLEANTAN’s design allows you to experiment to find the ratio that suits you best.

CLEANTAN is also a healthier tanning option than other tanning methods available. It doesn’t subject you to the risks of harmful UV rays like the sun and tanning beds do. Its plant-based formula means you don’t have to worry about bad-for-you ingredients, and you also get a dose of antioxidants from the various types of teas included in the formula.

If you really want your tan to look great, prep your skin using the Infinity Body Polisher, our premium exfoliating accessory. The Infinity Body Polisher features a patented shape that can be used as a ball, a mitt or scarf, with or without soap for a scrub that smoothes and preps your skin for even, effortless application of sunless tanner. The unique, soft mesh exfoliates skin without creating micro-tears and it accelerates cell turnover to let you get in on the glow up with fresh, youthful-looking skin after every shower. And especially this time of year when skin can feel extra dry, who wouldn’t want soft, smooth skin?

We believe a good tan can boost your confidence and change your life. Imagine having the tan of your dreams all season long! With CLEANTAN, getting that sun-kissed hue is possible even in winter. Plus, you get the added benefits of convenience of use, control in the level of tan, and a dose of antioxidants. You also don’t have the risk of negative effects from UV rays like you do

with sunbathing or using tanning beds. We believe that everyone should have healthy, non-toxic products that really work, and we know you’re going to love CLEANTAN.


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